Simpatico Systems Platinum Managed Services

Never worry about IT

Whether it’s your network, computers, email servers, or apps, IT issues can come from a number of places. That’s why you need a robust, turnkey solution to deal with every conceivable security threat or system failure.

Simpatico Systems Platinum Managed Services give you the complete package. We offer multi-layered security solutions, performance monitoring, quarterly business reviews, server maintenance, technology planning, and a dedicated support team.

Simpatico Systems technicians manage all aspects of IT so you don’t have to. Platinum protection covers you from all angles with reactive and proactive support for a fixed monthly fee.

Proactive Protection

  • Workplace and file system security
  • Unusual user activity monitoring
  • Active directory and user configuration
  • Dangerous condition monitoring and protection
  • System Optimization

Account and User Management

  • Exchange server management
  • Customized user permissions
  • Staff account management

Barracuda Spam Filtering

  • Real-time threat updates
  • State-of-the-art software to eliminate spam and stops viruses before they get to your mailbox

Scheduled After-Hours Maintenance

  • Server monitoring and maintenance
  • When maintenance requires us to take your systems offline, we plan around your schedule and complete your service after hours
  • Eliminates interruptions for your business

Remote and On-Site Support

  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited on-site service calls

Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) analyzes patterns and trends in your business to optimize your technology
  • Growth-minded assessments
  • Tech-health and performance reviews maximize your company’s technology potential
  • Tech realignment to sync your IT with your business goals