VoIP Phone Systems

Digitize your voice communications for a revolutionary call strategy

If you’ve been holding off on switching to a Voice over Internet Protocol, it’s time to review how far the digital telephony solution has come over the years. Call quality has improved drastically, and vendors have started integrating a broad array of features into their services and hardware.

VoIP services have come so far; in fact, calls to employee numbers can be answered from any device with an internet connection.

Features that were previously reserved for corporations flush with cash can now provide small- and medium-sized businesses with the exterior necessary to nab big-fish clients.

Every VoIP solution from Simpatico Systems includes:

  • Digital voicemail that stores, and even transcribes, your voice messages in a cloud inbox.
  • Automatic call distribution that reroutes unanswered calls to the next available employee.
  • Web dashboards for monitoring system-wide performance and call history.
  • Integration with your CRM software.

A VoIP system is no longer a risky bet on the future. Internet-based voice communications is the industry standard, and your business needs the best of the best.

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