Network Support

A dedicated technician watching your network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Part of the Simpatico Systems IT philosophy is that a little extra work today prevents a lot of downtime and lost productivity tomorrow. Our Network Support services are about using every tool in our arsenal to fix little issues before they turn into huge problems.

Whether it's using machine learning to recognize abnormal and questionable behavior, or just installing updates, our technicians know how to support you today so everything works tomorrow.

Nowadays, we can even fix a healthy portion of support requests remotely. In most cases, employees just need to notify us of an issue and we’ll have it taken care of before they come back from a coffee break.

Give your network the care it needs with:

  • Dedicated support for all your day-to-day troubleshooting events.
  • Application monitoring to protect your data from breach or loss.
  • Detailed reporting on performance metrics and questionable user behavior.
  • Update monitoring that lets you know the second anything is out of date or exposed to a new type of threat.

Regardless of whether it’s the busiest, most frantic time of day, or the quietest, most vulnerable time of night, someone will always be guarding your network.

Enjoy complete and total support, today!

Contact us today.