Data Backups

The answer to every “What happens if…?” question

Planning ahead is the first step on the path to success. Just like your technology needs to be capable of expanding with your business, your data needs to be ready to take a beating and survive another day. Backing up all your information in secure, offsite locations will guarantee that if disaster strikes -- you’ll be ready.

Whether you need your data continuously backed up to the cloud, or to remote physical storage once per day, Simpatico Systems is in the business of storing and securing your mission-critical information until you need it for immediate restoration.

Eliminate the inefficiencies of on-site storage that pigeonhole you into a limited number of hardware options. If you have 75 terabytes of data, but acceptable hard drives only come in either 50 terabytes or 100, you’re going to end up paying for more than you need. When you have specific availability, speed, and capacity requirements, the Simpatico Systems solutions allows you to pay for what you want instead of just what’s on the shelf.

By inviting us to take over the duplication and protection of your most valuable information, you get:

  • The best encryption and data security modern technology has to offer.
  • Compatibility with any operating system, file type, or file size you need backed up.
  • Compliance with all major data regulation requirements.
  • The flexibility to alter your backup solution as your needs change.

Once your solution is up and running, Simpatico Systems will take care of uninterrupted monitoring and periodic testing of your backups. Unless you need to make changes to how your information is handled, you can leave day-to-day curation to the experts with all the confidence in the world that your information is ready whenever you need it.

One flat fee to insure yourself from data loss and theft.

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