Cyber Security

Protection that evolves to combat the threats to your network

When you sign up for one of our other services, or when you get a visit from one of your technicians, the protections safeguarding your network will always be at the top of our priority list. However, what we’re talking about here is a universal cyber security solution.

You can’t just worry about the security gaps haunting each IT service, you also need to worry about the connections that link your individual services together.

Addressing these concerns is as straightforward as a cyber security assessment from Simpatico Systems. Our experts live and breathe the near constant releases of malware, phishing techniques, and ransomware so they can always keep our clients one step ahead of cyberattackers.

There are a number of ways our Cyber Security solutions can enhance the safety of your assets:

  • Better insight - consolidate the reporting of network attacks into a universal briefing.
  • Increased prevention - by looking at cyber security as a company-wide solution, Simpatico Systems installs and maintains company-wide measures to prevent attacks before they happen.
  • Affordability - New attack vectors strike when you least expect, and implementing reactive policies is expensive. With regular checkups included in your flat monthly fee, you pay less.
  • Information control - With improved perimeter security and holistic information control measures, you can be confident everyone has access to what they’re supposed to.

Sign up for an initial assessment with us. From then on, every time you install a new service or solution we’ll reassess the threats to your network. And the minute we get wind of something new trying to wreak havoc, we’ll make sure to mitigate its threat to your network.

Comprehensive cyber security for your entire organization

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