HIPAA Compliance

With Simpatico Systems’s comprehensive HIPAA assessment and compliance services, the real value is in the convenient and effective documents that are generated based on your organization’s specific situation. These reports will help you establish an immediate technology strategy for both short- and long-term goals. Other documents are required by law in the event of an official HIPAA investigation or audit.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

  • HIPAA Compliance PowerPoint
  • *Evidence of HIPAA Policy Compliance*
  • HIPAA Risk Analysis Report and Management Plan
  • HIPAA Risk Profile Report
  • Security Exemption Worksheet
  • HIPAA Supporting Documents:
    • Response Form – HIPAA On-Site Survey
    • User Identification Worksheet
    • Computer Identification Worksheet
    • Network Share Identification Worksheet
    • Login History by Computer
    • Share Permission Report
    • Drive Encryption Report
    • External Vulnerability Scan by Issue
    • File Scan Report
    • Internal Vulnerability Scan by Issue