Access Control

Taking control of your building security is not only expected in the modern business world but offers an essential layer of protection to your physical assets and premises. Simpatico Systems designs and installs electronic access control systems, to fit your business requirements, so that you can:

  • Block employee access to restricted zones
  • Monitor employee access times and points
  • Limit access to employees only
  • Create controls during out-of-hours
  • Limit and authorize employee access

Access control technology allows you to proactively keep unauthorized individuals out of specific areas or premises, as well as control employee access too. This is the perfect complement to video surveillance, burglar and fire systems, as part of a comprehensive security solution

Whether you want to control access to one room, or whole department or floor, Simpatico Systems can evaluate your needs and design a system with your security needs and budget in mind.

Take control of your security access authorization!

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